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See who the Top 50 Contractors are in Ireland; where the main sectors are in their cycle, and the updated costs for different building types.

Inflation (Office)

2023 construction cost inflation cools closer to pre-pandemic levels. Find out more in our Inflation InfoCard.

Inflation (Apts)

Inflation rates have slowed in 2023 with an average increase of just €4k – €5k on the construction cost of a standard two-bed apartment in 2023.


Delivered residential units and commencement notices surpass previous years and are at a record high. Find out more in our latest Residential InfoCard.

Data Centres

Irish Data Centre Market continues to be one of largest in Europe despite challenges. Find out more in our latest InfoCard.

Housing Initiatives

This InfoCard summarises the significant number of Government Initiatives used to stimulate supply and alleviate affordability.


Planning permission has been granted for c. 7,850 Nr. student beds but construction has not commenced at this time.


Developers and Investors continue to come to grips with EU Taxonomy, Carbon Counting and the impact certain materials will have on the Life Cycle of assets.

Fast-track Planning

See how LRD is proving to be a successful planning route. See how many units are stalled at various parts of the development cycle.


LRDs proving more successful than SHDs.. find out why with our latest InfoCard.


There is a temporary waiver in respect to development contributions in place. Find out how this affects your build in our InfoCard.


Construction programme certainty for the 2nd year in a row. Overall durations have not significantly altered in 2023. See the key programme risks here.

Apartment Standards

View the standards for Build to Sell, Build to Rent(BTR), and Shared Accommodation/Co-Living with our Apartment Standards InfoCard.


Hotel Industry continues to steadily grow with just under 3,000 new keys expected between 2024 and 2025.

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