Quantity Surveying Services

Mitchell McDermott’s quantity surveying services are backed by years of experience in effective cost management both at pre-contract and post-contract stages. Our data-driven firm has the expertise and knowledge to underpin your budget decisions.

Discover our comprehensive quantity surveying offerings below.

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Our Quantity Surveying Services

We strive to maintain legal and quality standards through our industry-specific offerings — and with our people holding accreditations from the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, we are trusted construction quantity surveyors in Ireland.

We will ensure that every step in the life cycle of your project, from the cost planning and procurement to the tender documentation and legal matters, is carefully thought out, planned, and executed. From subcontractors to upper management, we work closely with all parties involved in the construction process to ensure your project is completed within your budget to deliver a viable outcome.

Our quantity surveying firms’ service offerings include:

Value for Money Assessments

We carry out VFM assessments on construction projects that allow investment and funding to proceed.

Risk Assessment & Mitigation

With years of experience and knowledge as construction consultants, we can identify potential risks early to provide robust and effective mitigation measures before they arise.

Cost Estimation & Planning

As your construction cost consultant, we use a customised in-house smart database called Feasa(c) to predict and estimate the construction project budget, ensuring efficient cost control and value maximisation. Feasa(c) provides you with a wealth of cost data at your fingertips to make sure you are making a sound business investment.

Whole Life Costing

We provide a comprehensive financial view of construction projects. Using the specifications submitted by the architectural or civil engineering teams and factoring in maintenance, operations, and end-of-life costs, we can ensure a clearer picture of your project’s economic lifespan. We use customised software to estimate the whole life cycle of a building, including its carbon.

Project Health Checks

Our seasoned quantity surveyors delve deep when analysing your construction project’s progress, ensuring that all is on track and offering actionable insights on the best ways to proceed at any given point.

Financial Modelling

Our customised financial models are used to assess the viability and affordability of construction projects. We assess 100% of the total development costs on a project and use independent revenue information to assess viability.

Procurement Selection & Tender Analysis

By scrutinising tender and contract documents, our chartered surveyors can advise on the most viable procurement routes, assuring quality, efficiency and cost savings.

Cash Flow Projection

With accurate financial foresight, we offer a clear snapshot of the projected cash flow for your construction project, aiding in informed decision-making for developers and management teams.

Construction Contract Advice

Your chartered quantity surveyor will navigate and simplify the complexities of construction contracts for you so that the right services are delivered in line with budgetary and contractual obligations.

Change Management

Our change management service allows you to adapt and thrive, with strategies that proactively address project changes without compromising building timelines or budgets.

Valuations & Recommendations

Our independent valuations and recommendations are fully detailed and stand up to the scrutiny of contractors and independent monitors alike. They are a dependable source of information which matches the physical construction progress on the ground.

Final Account Negotiation

We ensure fair and balanced final accounts for all construction projects through our discerning negotiation skills.

Call us at +353 (1) 531 0370 to get in touch with our construction experts and experience an unmatched quantity surveying service.

Quantity Surveying Consultancy in Ireland

When it comes to construction quantity surveying and consultancy services, the Mitchell McDermott team are industry leaders. We focus on building relationships with clients and understanding every detail of their project to offer sound quantity surveying and commercial management support.

Our construction consulting and quantity surveying firm has managed significant large-scale construction projects, where our commitment to data-driven strategies and consistency is evident. Using market intelligence and data analysis, we provide a comprehensive solution for all our clients — whether they are in need of a reputable project manager or a senior quantity surveyor.

Along with our coveted quantity surveying services, we also offer project management, funder advisory, and other speciality services for construction projects. Email us at hello@mitchellmcdermott.com to find out more.

Experience a different kind of construction consultancy. Get advice from industry-leading construction quantity surveyors in Ireland with Mitchell McDermott.