Construction Due Diligence Consultants

Mitchell McDermott is an independent construction consultancy in Ireland. We’re widely experienced in completing due diligence on the physical, technical and financial aspects of construction projects.

Mitchell McDermott are leading construction due diligence consultants in Ireland. Choose our Project Management and Financial Institutions Fund Monitoring Services for comprehensive due diligence of your construction projects.

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What is Due Diligence in Construction?

Due diligence involves evaluating all criteria of a potential project to gain an intricate understanding of any development, on behalf of our clients, before they commit to it. Our due diligence involves objective analysis and in-depth scrutiny of the potential development. Our subsequent reports enable clients to make informed decisions on market position and investment potential and offer advice accordingly.
As part of early-stage due diligence processes, feasibility consultants determine if projects are viable with your plans, timeline, budget, and permissions. A due diligence and feasibility study consultant team will offer advice on various areas of a project, including:

  • Economic feasibility
  • Operations assessment
  • Technical feasibility
  • Market analysis
  • Operational feasibility
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Contract review
  • Scheduling
  • Risk management
  • Construction Programme

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Why is Due Diligence Necessary for Construction?

Commercial construction is a complex industry that requires the utmost scrutiny before breaking ground. With the due diligence report, a construction consultant identifies potential risks, ensures compliance, manages regulatory issues, ascertains and maintains sight of construction budgets, and assists in avoiding reputational damage.

Through thorough due diligence investigation and construction feasibility studies, clients gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks associated with their project to make informed decisions at any single point.

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Our Due Diligence Services

Commercial construction is highly regulated, making due diligence investigation services and feasibility studies crucial. We understand the value of a technical due diligence report and conduct a thorough property development appraisal to present to stakeholders.

Our due diligence process and property development feasibility study for a building construction project encompasses these responsibilities:

  • Land and property assessment
  • Financial assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Legal and regulation compliance
  • Environmental and sustainability assessment
  • Technical due diligence infrastructure review
  • Contract review
  • Operations assessment
  • Market analysis
  • Stakeholder analysis (including clients and developers)
  • Due diligence support services

Mitchell McDermott: Experts in Construction Due Diligence

Mitchell McDermott is a construction management consultancy in Ireland with a strong focus on the commercial, residential and data centre sectors. We help clients realise the potential of their investment, mitigate risks, and form business relationships that provide growth opportunities.

Our due diligence service providers empower clients to think big. We deliver precise intelligence, expertise and effective commercial property due diligence reports and feasibility assessments that provide true value for investors — ultimately helping your company build better with our comprehensive knowledge.

Our Other Construction Consultancy Services

Technical feasibility study for a construction project and technical due diligence services fall under our Project Management offerings. We also offer the following services:

Our Funder Advisory services include red flag reports, pre-acquisition due diligence, and initial due diligence with the main focus being on assisting Financial Institutions in monitoring project development costs. Our Initial reports encompass a wide range of due diligence on behalf of financial institutions including;

  • Risk assessments
  • Development budget assessing hard and soft costs for the project
  • Contractor Review
  • Developer Review
  • Statutory Consent review and assessment of financial impact
  • Construction Programme review
  • Construction benchmarking and appraisal
  • Contract review assessing potential financial impact
  • Consultant review assessing scope, fees and insurance cover compliance

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