Investors in Diversity Bronze Accreditation Achieved



Mitchell McDermott is proud to have achieved ‘Investors in Diversity’ Bronze Award in September 2021.  Bronze is the first of the three stages in the Investors in Diversity EDI Mark, and recognises our commitment to embedding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in our company’s systems.

The Investors in Diversity programme is Ireland’s only D&I accreditation mark, and provides a framework to put in place a strong foundation to build our EDI, using best practice models and the ability to measure our progress on the journey.

Diversity expresses itself in many ways – in age, gender, race, nationality, culture, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, belief, education, disability, personality, neurodiversity, life experiences and approaches to work.

Mitchell McDermott as a company aims to maximise the potential of our people, by harnessing these differences and creating a productive environment in which everyone feels respected and valued, where their talents are being fully utilised and in which organisational goals are achieved.

Inclusivity is an integral part of our culture in Mitchell McDermott. An inclusive working environment is one in which everyone feels that they belong without having to conform, that their contribution matters and they can perform to their full potential, no matter their background, identity or circumstances. Simply put, it means people feel they can be themselves at work.

An effective Diversity and Inclusion strategy not only fulfils legal requirements on equality and non-discrimination, but also adds value to the organisation, contributing to our people’s well-being and engagement.

We look forward to continuing working with the Irish Centre for Diversity as we further embed our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Find out more about Investors in Diversity on the Irish Centre for Diversity’s website.


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