Inflation (Apts) InfoCard 2022 Interim Update



JUNE 2022

Our latest suite of InfoCards is available to view or download from our Insights Page. 

Our  Apartment Inflation InfoCard was released earlier this year and identified that the construction cost for a standard 2-bed apartment had increased by 14% in the previous 2 years. The majority of this inflation was in 2021 when material cost spikes were widespread. 

We have updated this study to account for the movement in 1H 2022. Please see below the side by side comparison with the main movers identified.   

  • From 14% to 22% 
  • Additional 7% on the average costs of a 2 bed apartment
  • Increase from €26,876 in January to €42,402 to end June 
  • Biggest movers as a percentage are concrete, steel and brick / blockwork trades

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Mitchell Mcdermott